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It's not even close

Skills/Weakfoot: It's not even close. Dembele's 5-star anemic bottom is consistently bigger than Thauvin's 3-star -- it just gives you a lot added freedom, and makes you abundant added unpredictable. The aforementioned goes for fut 18 coins Dembele's 5-star abilities adjoin Thauvin's 4-star. Advantage: Dembele.

Workrate/Involvement: This is my capital botheration with Thauvin; he just doesn't get involved. Out on the right, he tends to just alluvion outwards, or cut in and break alfresco the box. It's actual harder to await on him to pop up in the appropriate positions. Dembele is consistently in the appropriate place, and consistently accessible to get involved. Advantage: Dembele.

Enjoyment: They are both abundantly fun to use. I admired Thauvin's adeptness and fifa 18 ps coins clip and longshots and dribbling and his adeptness to authority off a man, and Dembele was a joy to distill and shoot with. But overall, I just had added fun with Dembele, and it was beneath demanding application him in advancing games. Advantage: Dembele.



24-07-17 06:49:08



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