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There are two different types of belt drives

Vbelt Supply be a bit silly to talk about belt drives and the importance of them but is something that is worth discussing, making more people aware of what they are and how they work. I believe after I have finished discussing this topic people will understand why we actually need them and have to rely on them so much.

First things first, you may be wondering what it actually is. Well a belt drive is a mechanical belt which continuously moves when powered. The best way to describe it is by the use of them in supermarkets. When you are at a checkout in a supermarket and put all your shopping on the conveyor belt, the machine that makes the belt move is the belt drive.

There are two different types of belt drives and this is because they are used for different jobs in different pieces of machinery. The first belt drive is called an open belt and this one is just used for same direction movements. The second belt is a closed belt which is used for the opposite, different direction movements.

It's time to actually see the advantages of a belt drive, they are as followed:

They don't require Parallel shafts.
They are provided with overload and jam protection.
Noise and vibration are damped out. Machinery life is increased because load fluctuations are shock-absorbed.
They are lubrication-free. They require less maintenance cost.
They are highly efficient in use (up to 98%, usually 95%).
They are very economical, when distance between shafts is very large.

So, if we didn't have types of machinery like this then it would make some day to day activities pretty difficult. Imagine going shopping and having a full trolley, you get to the checkout and you have to put it all on bit by bit for the checkout operator to be able to scan it all. See this is why the belt drive is super beneficial in supermarkets because it makes tasks like shopping easier for customers and checkout operators as it can go at one speed to suit everyone.

This type of Timing Belt China isn't just something you could buy from a normal store or what someone may just buy because they feel like it. It is something that is sold by the big suppliers of the products along with other pieces of machinery. The people who supply the belt drives are the ones who are professionals and know all about it, knowing how to repair it if ever broken or damaged.



10-11-16 08:23:41



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