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FIFA 17 on professional site

The player AI is smart enough to adhere to a game plan, dropping deep and close that has a tiki-taka set-up, or bursting forward for the counter-attack.

Each plan feels different and will have a tangible relation to the match, particularly if you transition it up, finding gaps that perhaps weren't there before.

You must find players that fit a process, and don’t be afraid to chuck on a big man at the death to get on the end of long balls, or bring on a whole new pair of legs to own at a tiring protection. And if you don’t, the AI opposition can. Everything feels like the idea matters on PES.

Buy wonderful game for Fifa Coins on one other hand, doesn’t have quite the identical variety. Different formations can influence a game, of course, while attacking mentality will dsicover your players pouring forward or dropping back plus the added physicality gives you more options up front.

But tinkering with the actual minutiae of tactics inside the menus doesn’t seem to have the tangible effect on the pitch that you might want. Most tellingly, the opponent AI can be reluctant to change or adapt in tight meets.



04-11-16 03:02:36



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