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Printing Fabric textile is left to rot on the ground

The coarse end of the plant, jute butts, are used to make inexpensive cloth. Imitation Polyester Fabric  silk is also made from very fine threads of silk carefully separated.

Used mainly for its fibre in Bangladesh, other countries in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, the Tossa Jute, a variety thought to be native to India, is softer, silkier and stronger that the less popular white jute.

Diversified jute products such as espadrilles, soft sweaters and cardigans are becoming increasingly popular among consumers.

As a home textile, jute is a wise choice as it can either replace cotton or be blended with it because it is strong, durable and colour-fast.

Coarse jute fabric also provides UV protection, sound and heat insulation, possesses anti-static properties and low-thermal conduction.

Another diversified product of coarse jute fabric is Geotextiles, a lightly-woven fabric useful for the prevention of soil erosion, weed control, seed protection, and a wide variety of other agricultural and landscaping uses.

Its durable nature and breathability makes jute a popular choice in agriculture.

The Geotextiles can be used more than a year, after which the jute Geo Printing Fabric  textile is left to rot on the ground.



13-09-16 06:09:42

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