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Muslin Polyester Fabric

Select Scuba Fabric that compliment each other rather than clash.

Art silk is basically a type of viscose fabric which is dressy and shinny and proves to be a good drape. Art silk is luster and is soft to touch. It is a perfect evening wear.

Viscose is actually a lower version of silk which is shiny in appearance. It is not for daily wear. Viscose fabric can not take abrasions.

When embellished with different embroideries it proves to be a good evening wear.

Satin linings can be found in different Knitting Stretchy Fabric fibers from rayon to silk. A crepe back satin lining has a good weight and is perfect for adding a bit more substance to outerwear.

Muslin Polyester Fabric

Muslin is cotton cloth with a plain, lightweight weave. While it sounds like a basic fabric, muslin is special in its use.

Generally, before a sewer begins to piece together a pattern, they will cut the pattern out of muslin first.

This allows the sewer to make pattern adjustments without having to cut more expensive Knitting Stretchy Fabric .



27-06-16 02:24:44



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