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golden generation star loved through the player by fifa

Hou miao stated, "fifa online 3 as the across football and game items, behind its success actually retain the competitive and rich star, trying and victory of football lifestyle,         FIFA Coins for sale            also contains many stories at the rear of each label and fans feeling. classic label based on social development ip fans emotional sustenance, different works of creation are independent of every other, popular products expand the actual direct ip layout, the games for example football, basketball and chess denotation social ip source foster brought unlimited possibility. "

launched two in years past, tencent entertainment network game fifa on the internet 3, since always adhere to top quality experience for players, record associated with 700000 online, become the country's most widely used football games. 2015 fifa online 3 to the legends of the chinese extremely league and manchester united 80 golden generation star loved through the player, the player can operate a common players.

in 2016, fifa online 3 may also be based on the european tournament and olympic sports events, for example joint partners more abundant actions. 2015 fifa online 3 as well as guangdong sports cooperation, pioneered in esports since the main body, at the same time for you to join the entertainment elements display super game, actively promote competitive games to the public eye.

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01-04-16 08:33:17

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