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MU Legend A Completely New MU Online Continent

MU Legend: A Completely New MU Online Continent
MU mansions awaited buy mu zen has officially launched gamers all over the world.

Story of the new MU continent

The story in MU Legend can be seen as a continuation of MU Online as you will be playing a warrior of the holy war against the Kundun Lord. The beginning of the game helps you get familiar with the controls and play style of your character when max. After some intriguing cutscenes with gameplay.

You know that Kundun has succeeded in resurrecting himself and that the war is almost over. However, one last hope is left when Sorceress cheap mu legend zen uses the power to take your character back to the past before anything happens. In return you lost all your strength and memory, and step by step on the road to save the world.BY here thanks, well done. so great!



21-12-17 06:40:51



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