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Defense Category Must-have stats for survival

Defense Category: Must-have stats for survival
So that you'll be able to survive the numerous dangers of your alphabetic character continent, Defense extremely ought to be a high priority and got to ne'er ever be neglected. it's crucial that you just optimize your Defense to confirm mu legend zen that it reduces hurt as an excellent deal as you probably will. to start out off, "Max H.P." will increase the higher limit of the character's obtainable HP.

"Evasion Rate" is extremely helpful, granting the maximum amount as a five hundredth chance of fully evading the enemy's attack. However, "Shield Block Rate" reduces injury received by block the enemy's attack, and additionally, it options a Georgia home boy value of fifty.

Also, bigger "CC Time Reduction" (CC = Crowd Manage) assists you speedily get out of abnormal statuses which has Silence, Stun, concern and mobile, generating it pretty useful throughout PvP. Lastly, "All injury Reduction", because the name suggests, aids you survive by reducing all hurt taken.

The "MP" and "Secondary" stat buy mu legend zen classes won't impact combat directly, and that they contains Georgia home boy MP, MP price Reduction, Cooldown Reduction and Movement Speed. MP-related stats area unit very crucial for those that use skills heavily for the period of combat. Improved movement speed aids you get around faster and might improve your dungeon-clear occasions.

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