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How many categories ar accessible within the game MU2

MU Legend Character and categories FAQ
How many categories ar accessible within the game?
At the time of buy mu legend zen PTA, there have been four categories accessible within the game:
Dark Lord - a awfully robust and hardy character, capable of inflicting powerful attacks on opponents. He uses an enormous mace.

Whisperer is that the solely character within the game that wears a bow and deals long vary injury.
Blader could be a mobile character United Nations agency will quickly attack and management opponents. will walk with 2 blades or two-handed weapons.

War Mage could be a character with alittle quantity of health and mana, however is capable of inflicting plenty of injury on enemies victimization magic mu zen .

It is additionally renowned that presently the subsequent categories can appear:
Emphasizer - was already accessible within the shopper, however it had been not possible to play for it. possibly are accessible on the second CBT.

Black Phantom - this cheap mu zen category was bestowed on the G-STAR 2016 within the variety of a plan. What he are within the game and what he can do isn't nonetheless renowned.BY here now.. so thanks, well done, come on!



16-11-17 04:16:32

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