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Not Bad
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which may not appeal to everybody

Obviously, each class has its negative and positive sides, and perhaps the Destroyer is really a class that may be kited around within PvP and sadly it's race-locked to the actual Gons, which may not appeal to everybody.

I never loved huge characters that cover a sizable portion of the actual screen, but luckily I were able to play around using the sliders in the smoothness creation to a place where my personality was almost similar in dimensions to a Jin.

My biggest fear concerning the Destroyer was it looked like a comparatively slow class as well as I was afraid that it might be similar to the actual Berserker in Tera, but following a  blade and soul gold  few levels, I was confirmed wrong and We was leveling in a much faster pace than Used to do with the Assassin.



17-07-16 09:40:18



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