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During today's modern day, so many people are still being entertained by watching circus. You will observe in the following paragraphs 5 of the most mon stunts and ts which are carried out by folks AWARDS & RECOGNITION.Circus Stilt Walkers - Stilts are objects which have been as used by people or any structure that allow them to stand above the earth to the next stage. Stilts could be either poles, pillars or posts. Walking stilts are those which are made from bamboo pole with wood an additional bamboo that e with it to the feet to stand upon. They are the ones the tall people you see in circus use, this type of person called stilt walkers. Circus stilts are certainly quite similar for the very first stilts ever used.Fire Breathing - It really is another attrtion inside a circus. Fire breathers are the people who perform this t. Fire breathers use a special style of fuel that just ignites whether it is sprayed from the mouth in to the air in tiny mist. The mist sort of the fuel definitely makes the fire bigger and loo



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