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Collapse This Is A Update On NewStaff/Staff List Etc

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261 313 02-09-15 09:41:47 by IngridWill


This Is Where Contests Are Held, You Came Win Money Or A Rare Pokemon!
3841 3896 02-09-15 05:45:23 by calanthagold


Do You Have A Great Idea For This Site, Then Come In And Tell Me.
28 35 02-09-15 03:16:50 by buycheafifacoins

Collapse This Is Where You Adventure Starts!

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This Is Where You Introduce Your Self.

Please Come In And Tell Us About Your Self.

(Moderated by ѕσυℓ ѕєєкєя)

138 158 02-09-15 03:18:57 by buycheafifacoins

This Is Where You Get To Pick Your Starter..

So Hurry Up And Pick The One You Want Before Its Too Late..

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307 372 02-09-15 06:19:51 by calanthagold


This Is Where you Can Get More Great Pokemon, And On Special Events You Can Receive A Special Pokemon.

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38 83 20-07-15 09:04:46 by calanthagold

Special Promos

When There Is Something Special Going On Such As Christmas Or Birthdays, Then There A Special promo To Get!
24 31 22-08-15 08:52:44 by Vance43

Collapse Role Playing Maps

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Eevee Island

They say there is some pokemon unkown in this map if you belive so then clickage

(Moderated by ѕσυℓ ѕєєкєя)

15 26 17-08-15 07:39:57 by calanthagold

Weedles Weed Garden

A place full of bug type pokemon but dont let them sting you

(Moderated by ѕσυℓ ѕєєкєя)

6 10 13-08-15 09:12:31 by NancyGreeen

Macargos Meal Of Flames

Beware to enter

(Moderated by ѕσυℓ ѕєєкєя)

63 101 17-08-15 08:04:28 by calanthagold

A Cold Frost..

If You Like Ice Type Then This Is The Place For You.
2 13 11-06-15 07:48:21 by SandraScott

Ghost Island

Like Ghost Pokemon, Then come on in And catch some.
4 16 11-06-15 07:52:17 by SandraScott

Collapse Role Playing Gyms

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Grass/Bug Type Gyms.

This Is A Serious Of Gyms That Contain Grass/Bug Type Pokemon.
4 17 13-08-15 08:57:28 by NancyGreeen

Rock Type Gyms

This Is A Serious Of Gyms That Contain Only Rock Pokemon.
6 17 13-08-15 09:31:07 by NancyGreeen

Collapse Got Any Good Pokemon Rpg Games Or AnySort Of Game, You Just Want To Talk About?

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Come On In..

Just Tell Us About Those Good Rpg Games You Love To Play, And Maybe You Like Them.
7 16 28-05-15 03:20:51 by SandraScott

Pokemon Moon Talk!

Come In And Talk About Pokemon Moon, And What Ever You Think Of It. Posted Your Numbers And Show Off Your Team!
2 7 06-12-14 03:27:23 by na Aida

Collapse Come In And Talk About What Ever You Want!

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Whats Is Your Favourite Pokemon!?

So What Is Your Favourite Pokemon!?
2 7 21-05-14 03:51:01 by weibo


This Is Where People Show Off There Own Sprites!
2 2 09-03-15 12:13:27 by angelareese

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